What career can travel around the world?


What career can travel around the world?

Or you can always go to different places to stay for a longer period of time (at least a few weeks of it), just not the kind of business trip a few days. Currently think of examples: management consulting, international management trainee an investment bank, geography PhD / Professor …..

Common multinationals can. All walks of life, you can ask in the recruitment process: the opportunity to travel abroad more than you?

I love the enlightenment of the world, perhaps with a lot of peers, that is, the old version of “honest variety.” Until now it is my favorite TV show, not one. Yang Lan Zhao Zhongxiang Jiang Kun “enlightened world is really wonderful,” when I was young, but seeing the scenery and the people on the very good Duo Qiqi strange excitement, early planted the seeds. Later Qian Cheng Zhang Xue pure politics “big world of wonders, breathtaking beauty of the world” period, I have been unable to extricate themselves. The three Taiwan presided over the location in my mind the most is the world’s happiest people, that is the world’s most best work, not one. Chia Tai Group in my mind that time is extremely lofty position, so selflessly taken sponsorship CCTV everywhere, so selflessly let me wide-eyed, hungry love this beautiful world.

In addition to honest variety, that’s only a small window of another book friends. Childhood home world atlas, but a very old version, there are even the Soviet Union, the German Democratic Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, also called the Ivory Coast. One day I saw an elementary school student in the class to come up with exquisite binding “New World Atlas” is not only the latest state of the world map, charts, appendices there are many interesting content as well as the first few pages of all the national flags The maximum of the highest peak since it goes without saying, such as “the world’s top ten countries area”, “the world’s longest tunnel ten” and so on, see my mouth water. Home clamoring to buy, after several rounds succeed, remember priced 20 yuan. Since then, this “world atlas” and “five thousand years,” “Three Kingdoms” tied three by my dog-eared books (complete read 20 times or more). A high school student holding a map and asked me, “Where is the capital of Iceland?” Blurted out “Reykjavik.” After sensational job after college and I became friends geography Emperor also granted do the Raiders hand very smoothly, the attraction was asked many questions, can be a good deal. Hey 2010 I finally went to Reykjavik dreaming, this is something.

Luckily, my dad also considered travel enthusiasts, before college, he went to follow many parts of the country, the Yangtze River Delta, Huangshan, Guilin, Huangguoshu, Chongqing, the Three Gorges dam in front of and so on, the home province not to mention. Small hotel in the county had the window lookout bustling bazaar, crowded train station in the morning also had a green car experience.

Fate is so interesting. I went to graduate and professional unrelated, more wonderful multinationals. The company I represent the country with the first step, let me in the center of Europe as a base in Germany, Norway, the northernmost to the southernmost Greece, most Western Iceland to the most eastern Turkey, many unscrupulous explore this not out the country’s most desirable continent. At the same time there are so many young and just graduated with my colleagues, I also know a few by far the best travel companions (Iceland group, three tomb group, Eastern Europe group .. lock your car have the opportunity to talk in detail). Most importantly, it helped me to develop a working day do the Raiders, wild weekend out of good habits, so do the Raiders stay away and become the norm of my life. With this norm, not at public expense reimbursement tickets and rental cars, do not have bases in Germany, I can have plenty of power and ability to dye my footprint in other parts of the world. Here I again thank this generous employer.

(A lot of people ask is which company. I want to tell you is that this is not important because the company strategic reasons, the company now has no such chance, but there must be other such companies, to see fate slightly, concerned persons You will find to get. and I also said that the company just gave me a start, where two-thirds of the photo is completely on my own to go.)

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Europe is the birthplace of modern civilization, has a deep-rooted heritage and elegance, and harmony from the inside out. The place is not large, but has a rich and diverse culture. Order and rigorous Germany, the rich artistic and eclectic French, under the hot sun of the Spanish dance of passion, cold and profound Britain, Italy passion rather than fly, chaos still leisurely Greece, Eastern and Western religions cultural harmony communion Turkey, the best desktop origin Norway, Iceland earth slides, snow-capped mountains in the Swiss national harmony, full of mysterious fog Poland, Eastern European-style hilltop Hungary, Netherlands flowers everywhere …… this cultural boundaries are distinct, it is ambiguous. We know that Germany and France are old neighbor scores, different culture. By car from Karlsruhe in southwestern Germany to the west, across a river he came to Strasbourg, France. As if an invisible wall, languages, traffic signs, sudden changes have taken place, even a small hook on the German gas stations every good gun oil, a cross this river without exception, are bad (Zeng German peers have oil gun with contempt upon her to say the sentence “French”); and Strasbourg is located in the complex history of Germany and France contested the Alsace region, where the architectural style, people dress and conversation We are in an intermediate state between Germany and France a vague. Such cultural experience outside Europe is difficult to understand that.

Later, I came to the United States because of visa reasons are trapped here for nearly three years. Fortunately, US imperialism truly vast land, mountains and rivers and countless downtown New York, California sunshine, blue, Caribbean towering Grand Canyon, Yellowstone odd, wild Alaska, Yosemite show, Hawaiian waves. There are well-developed national park system and infrastructure, and the development of the “National Park Passport” stamp system (below this stuff), I ate this set of collection control.

1. Travel has become a kind of inertia, just like people who love fitness does not require perseverance can exercise the same.

2. Raiders do very much at home, the visa is not a problem. The same set of materials can be used repeatedly, it is required to carefully fill out the application form and employment certificate, certificates of deposit, passport and visa racket covered face of the visa officer, wanted refusal immune. Even go to the embassy website are lazy, I have nothing to say.

3. The world does not need to go to resign, no gap. I’m not really a continuous sense of global travel, and seize every opportunity to just walking around the holidays. Visa easy for me, do not worry about economic issues.

4. A comparison of sad feelings. Globalization really not a good thing. More and more like the various parts of the world, in other words getting the United States. This is very bad, each hundreds of thousands of years of cultural development is independent of how bright, how strange outsider. Except for some special protection (sometimes this protection but it is more “tourist attractions” taste, untrue), they are disappearing.

Therefore, the trip around the world as early as possible. You are now playing not move, retired can go move?

In order to show their clout, here I’ll pile a large number of photos, hope flow party bear with me. All photos below, with the exception noted, by himself or phone card machine to shoot.

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