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2, the lobby manager. Hall lobby manager responsible for managing the facilities, customer guidance and diversion, guiding customers to fill out documents, find valuable customers and introducing new products to customers, dealing with emergency events. Lobby manager is the “waiter”, it is necessary to be familiar with counter service, and must have strong communication and marketing capabilities, we must continue to greet customers, ask the customer to transact business, most of the time every day to work standing, tired. Lobby manager is mostly beautiful, the overall quality of China Merchants Bank is even higher, you can go see beautiful CMB ohhh Oh
3, the customer manager. Account Manager of bank marketing post, into the private client manager (Financial Account Manager), manager of corporate customers and a loan account manager. (1) the private client manager is mainly private client services, namely personal, some banks called financial account manager, main duties is to maintain existing customers, develop new customers, pull deposits, bank products sales of private client managers need have deposits, bonds, funds, stocks, insurance, gold, foreign exchange, futures (these products are almost monopolized by six large banks most of the country, the middle income thing, but also from better than to say so), and other financial planning knowledge, providing financial advice and recommendations to clients customers. Because the private client manager is faced with individual customers, a huge number, you do not necessarily need to have a good social resources, such as the work does not need to drink and other entertainment, mainly by warm and attentive, professional service to win customers’ trust and then sell banking products to achieve revenue growth. (2) corporate account manager mainly serve corporate customers, namely government, agencies and institutions, enterprises, companies, job duties mainly to attract public deposits, issuing corporate loans, requiring strong social skills, understand the ways of the world, often there is entertainment, energy drink would be best, if the home government officials, executives of state enterprises, the company owner of the resource, it will be fairly easy to do. (3) a loan account manager is responsible for marketing and for personal loans personal housing loans and car loans, requires a strong sense of risk, compared to the content of the work of two or more to a single client managers much more. Client Manager will be divided into assistants, managers and senior managers, some of the income is relatively flexible. MS I do is a loan customer assistant manager, specific business is personal business loans, there is a housing property for small and micro business owners and individual industrial and commercial households, the family in need can contact me Oh ~ ~ Haha, way to sell ads ~ ~ hee hee
Fourth, the work pressure piece
Estimated that we have heard about the bank’s very hard work, give us the following banks talk about work stress and hard where.
1, long working hours. Usually we see the banks are open at 9 am 17:30 close, it is not true, the bank staff every morning 8:30 going to the unit fingerprint attendance, then a meeting or class preparation, has opened the door to go to work, noon meal one hour, closed in the afternoon to continue processing after business meeting or training, at least 6:30 before leaving. Banks simply do not talk about labor law, work more than 10 hours a day, working without overtime pay.
2, multi-task. Each bank will have different job tasks, the most important tasks is to branch president and client manager, teller is not easy. If everyone concerned about bank statements, you will find the Bank of China’s annual growth in the performance of at least 40% or more, so rely on substantial growth, the next task is to rely on one level, and to put pressure on employees. Head of the mission to the provinces under the branch, provincial branch to ensure completion of tasks, usually under 10% pay more to branch, branch and then an additional 10% for the task to the client manager and teller. Performance banks are required to increase every year, employees who task it year after year, but also a kind of complicated. Such as teller, asking you to pull 1 million a year deposit, credit cards do 30, fund sales 200,000 100,000 insurance sales, online banking account 200, and so on. Account Manager even worse, pull deposits 10 million (this figure is too low, MS new loan deposit pressure of six months 25 million, 50 million new people to the public, not to mention the principal account manager.), 150 credit cards, funds two million, 600,000 of insurance, the development of high-end customers 200. Fortunately, the client itself is a huge number in the four state-owned banks, if you do not have the ability to develop new customers, then made according to the potential of existing customers, but in small banks will suffer, a small customer base, every day to go outside client. Perhaps the first year you can find friends and relatives to help, the second year of the new requirements, you have anywhere to find it? And leaders should regularly publish the completion of the task of each person, do well to find you talk, or to send you less money, and then not to drop your rank. Manager of corporate customers is to bring health to sacrifice in order to be able to pull deposits, have to take the initiative to call the financial officers of large enterprises, eating and drinking that is indispensable, will be able to drink at every turn you to the hospital drips.
3, fast-paced work. Bank performance evaluation is a quiz every month, quarterly exam, a final exam six months, at the end again a final assessment, hurried you keep advancing forward, increase growth, there is no respite time, the bank most afraid of is the end of the month , quarter, six months and at the end of the year, everyone is the same like ants on a hot pan. Bank competition, product homogeneity serious, customer maintenance can make you think hard, how to enhance contact with customers? How to maximize client assets in your bank? How to prevent your client be taken away? Every day you have to consider these issues, but also work hard to get rid of. Sympathy, and account managers working hours not only this time, a loan account manager, sometimes seven in the morning they received a customer calls, 0:00 may also receive customer calls. As usual, the weekend also will continue to phone in. Of course, the loan is also more freedom, not too many controls, relatively flexible schedule above.
4, there is a jingle had this to say: financial brave warrior, seemingly noble suit in order livelihood hardship involved, in order to deposit almost accompany sleep, customers place a call immediately, leave the job throughout the year, all obsolete labor laws, family holidays will be difficult to develop the customer often drunk, not to hurt the feelings had Shang Wei, wages are not high also installed wealth, he sent five evil scrapped, too easy to have a crime, do not expect social status, thanks to the silly narcissism. . . . . .
So the bank in its bright appearance, in fact, many hidden cups, this is because the current Chinese banking sector has not developed to the kind of foreign high knowledge content, high professional level. But then again, how much work there is now pressure is not it? We had together graduate students, all walks of life, together, when everyone will have their own place blame, it’s like the siege, which people feel good outside, inside outside people feel good!
Fifth, professional development articles
Career development banks can be divided into lines accounting, marketing and line management line three roads, banks generally growth path of employees:
1, teller. Teller generally have two choices: (1) in the accounting lines intensive, made business benchmarking, was promoted to cabinet chief, then chief accountant of branch competition (although our side of the accounting officer salary to 20 million, or however long youth not only vaguely see the old that stunning beauty.), then vice president of competition for the branch, here it normally takes 5-8 years. Beyond that you can climb to the accounting department to be a small provincial branch leadership and general manager of the accounting department competition, again into the head office. (2) do the job transfer account manager, walking the line marketing. Generally requires a strong marketing sense when making cabinets, general reorientation need to participate in the written test and interview.
2, client manager. Client Manager generally have three choices: (1) have been doing Account Manager: Account Manager Account Manager Assistant → → → Assistant Senior Account Manager, Senior Account Manager → private banking consultant, you need more than five years, with the level rising, wage income is also rising, the management of high-end customers are also constantly up, mainly by promoting business growth expertise to increase revenue, but has been working in the branch by branch management long (but this long into a good president, we relationship get along well, this is no problem, even very freely, performance is everything ah). (2) competition for the branch president. Branch president will change once the general three years, and each year there is always a president because of poor performance by the flop, so if you like to do after the leadership, there are usually three years of work experience, you can go to the annual Long Branch competition. Long Branch to do the pressure is very large, each year burdened with more than 50 indicators to do well on the red card, direct class. But the branch president of the treatment is also very good, I’ve considered that remote branch, but his monthly car allowance of up to 5000. (3) the development of the relevant departments of the provincial branch. For example, the private client manager went to private finance unit, corporate customers went to the company’s business manager, client manager went to zero mortgage credit department, and then make the leadership in these sectors.
3, in the bank, can not be upgraded, most of the talk is to rely on performance, so only when you do outstanding performance when it may be in contention for the win, of course, to rise each level, you who bear the task I should add one.
Sixth, training, examination papers
Originally thought that after graduating from college, no longer exam. Later I learned that the real test is actually just beginning. Banking industry as a business risk, there are many standards that are followed, so the staff training and qualification requirements of the holder are still very high.
1, training. Many training bank, general business knowledge training, expanding the training capacity is small. Just recruit them should focus on training new employees generally a month or so, and then redistributed posts. To the post following the usual schedule will give you a master alone teach you so that you can quickly posts.\
(1) participate in training generally teller service etiquette, business practices, new business introductions as teller during the day at work, so training is often in the evening, take up your free time to rest, so very disgusted teller training.
Training (2) Account Manager will participate in the rich more, generally once or twice every week, mainly to the training of new business, the bank’s financial products and styles, each a new product, it is necessary to convene training, when the site is to explain, sometimes video conference, covering all aspects of the loan, fund, insurance, foreign exchange, trust, credit cards and the like. Sometimes invite some well-known management consulting company to do marketing skills upgrading training, or at a hotel to hold an investment report what, account manager must participate. Training will be there when the tea, collectibles, luxury goods and other special topics. The training will take up much of your weekend break.
2, examination. A list of what needs to take an entrance examination: (1) induction examinations, including written and skills, such as Counting, calculator, computer entry (saying these skills really abnormal, direct you to exercise mercy! But look at those who master the point money is really a pleasure ~), skills’ test once every quarter, to prevent you unfamiliar. (2) reorientation exam, if you want to switch to other jobs, you must take the written examination and interview. (3) banking qualification certificate examination, including public infrastructure, personal finance and risk management, three, need to be taken after entry. (4) fund sales qualification exam, compulsory account manager, compliance after the test in order to sell the fund to customers. (5) Insurance sales qualification exam to test client manager. (6) securities qualification examination, Account Managers, because customers often have to consult your stock (7) AFP- China Financial Planner, the more gold content, Banking client manager to do compulsory before the exam must also participate in the national intensive training or network training, training plus examination fees add up to about $ 10,000 to test two, the difficulty is not great. (8) CFP- international Certified Financial Planner, a senior account manager, but also to training plus exam, twenty thousand dollars, five test, more difficult test (speaking these two guys very powerful way, check in online to information also said that the two certificates incredibly prolific, but my manager told me there is a lot ….. he was working at the bank of candidates, signed up to pay twenty thousand dollars to not how to go to the lesson, it seems exam also scrawl, did not remember correctly, he was with a pencil … so the answer has unwittingly passed on the title card also has become a senior financial planner the statement, and he is perfectly normal channels of formal channels, but this examination into why so, I do not know, maybe I have a manager hyperbole, let’s compromise to look at it.)
There are other things like financial English, accountants, economists, securities analysts and other examinations, have helped the work of the bank, you can add points.
Seven other random thoughts articles
1, the bank’s work good? People think it is good, in the past two years the bank is busy and full of nice, because I am an economist, is also learned to use all aspects of the future work has made progress and grow their usual reinvestment funds and stock points, It can be considered a small profitable, although wages are not high, and now no house no car, but still lived a colorful, simply because not much time to rest, has no chance to travel after graduation did not look to return to school, a little regret. But it does not cost bank high, you have to pay a lot, the pressure is also large, as civil servants, tobacco, electricity, communications, and other foreign companies, banks themselves to these industry employees as their key customers. So in a bank, you need to have passion, hardworking, able to work overtime (this is indeed the truth, AO know, I have a lot of time in overtime, weekends are no exception). Actually, most of the work now are.
2, how the bank? Recruitment FINANCE banks generally are to be associated professional, of course, other professionals will move a small amount, I have a colleague a chemistry major. Bank employees are now highly mobile, often have to resign, so will recruit a lot of people every year. The students want to go to the bank, if not to a senior now, must take the English four had lost, but also by the best six, usually more than attending a student and campus activities. Is now ready to enter the bank, have to look a little economics, accounting basics, as well as the civil service test line, written when necessary, interview to the performance of practical, passionate, hardworking, strong communication skills, marketing sense.
3, the bank’s prospects. Before entering the bank, we probably only know that money is a bank withdrawals and loans, bank after entering you will find a lot of the bank’s operations in fact, and you will find a lot of rich people, after years of indoctrination, these now people have got to finance conscious. Now banks are gradually will shift the focus to personal finance business and high-end wealth management of the above, although the current Chinese banking wealth managers also like the kind of high foreign professional, high income, is not really true wealth planning , but at least the industry are consciously like this direction, after China’s private wealth is certainly a great prospect, the key to see if we can wait till that day. But always as someone who pave the way, if it happens to chose you, and you mysteriously chose it, then you just do it one of the most professional paving by it!

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