Banks want to apply for work, these analyzes you clear?



Editor’s note: The so-called know ourselves, can only know yourself. Whether students are faced with employment, or to consider re-career professionals who are inseparable from a clear career goals and unremitting efforts. Xiao Bian here to sort out the various sectors of information, I hope for your help.
[Three] main job description
[Four] 211 non non non bitterness of history looks female candidates background bank
[Five] treatment, welfare survey
[Six] where hard work and pressure
[Seven] career prospects analysis
[A] look at some basic bank
The current settings of banking institutions are: head office, provincial lines, city lines, branch outlets (savings), institutional settings into a pyramid, branch outlets throughout the city’s streets, most of the staff also arranged place. Post high-level institutions setting is: senior management, the people speak governor, deputy governors and other decision-makers. Here a number of sectors: human resources, companies, organizations and businesses, personal banking, business assets, credit approval business, legal affairs, operations, planning and finance.
[Two] want to bank what capacity?
Professional and capacity requirements are: economics profession, understand the professional knowledge on business-related services. Because banks are state-owned enterprises, business units, itself pursue to maximize efficiency, the ability to compare the individual is required to have the ability to finance, marketing and management capabilities. Focusing on marketing and the ability to communicate with others.
The following branches and agency personnel to set the basic operating personnel are few management personnel. The basic needs of the operator, the ability to have the high degree requirements can be fully competent, because the computer program is a unified and fixed, is the fool, the window will only need to press the Enter key and enter the number will be the name to beat, so the vast majority of bank employees simply do not understand the company’s books! If needed the ability, communication skills and customer needs, you will be marketing will pull deposits on OK, but this is limited to the economically underdeveloped areas, if it is economically developed areas of the bank window, do not need to pull the deposit, you pout customers still queuing deposit, you do not need marketing, of course, you’ll leave the marketing window soaring.
If you are a senior personnel in the City Bank, Branch basically is a waste, because there is no kind of environment and opportunities, because of this, and now the two branches, branch management is not much of a technical education, so if you learn finance the bank, then the line to get into more provinces, if the vast majority will be placed into the branch line window, 3 – 5 years, you and vocational school students is no different! On the contrary, if not as good interpersonal aspects of vocational school students, this will ruin your life! So most banks do not need grass-roots talent, because the industry is in fact the vast majority of jobs that require a person of ordinary window! Because of this, if you will manage highly educated professionals, we will be marketing and leadership skills level rise will be even greater space. The above-mentioned state-owned commercial banks, of course, you can enter the China Banking Regulatory Commission, People’s Bank, China Development Bank and other policy banks and regulatory agencies, the situation is different, because there is no open window! Wage treatment is much higher than the state-owned commercial banks!
[Three] main job description
1, the primary job situation:
Branch account manager, pressure, but relatively speaking, motivation is high, the highest of the year can get more than 20 million. The counter staff including accounting and savings situation is another matter. Accounting positions is still relatively stable, because the relevant knowledge and qualifications required. In addition, the bank’s accounting system in general are more perfect.
Saving jobs is relatively simple, but more hard and more tired. If the length of the bank’s system is brought back to the money then certainly lose his own pocket. Many of the new jobs do savings beginning work, and lose 1,2 one thousand is commonplace. It’s no wonder, day reception 1,2 hundred customers, handling so much money, polluted air inside the hall, the sound noisy, always fallible. Savings income is lower than the accounting staff. Bank officially regarded as a minimal staff inside the stall.
2, branch of other positions:
President: President revenue a year is probably about 340,000, not including post consumption, such as meals, telephone, gasoline for reimbursement and the like. But this is a good benefit, if inefficient, did not complete the task, that he can only get 10 million. Overall, a good job.
Credit officers, accounting officer: The most important branch of cadres, in addition to leadership by the president but also by their immediate management department. We all know that the most tired middle-level cadres, in addition to complete their tasks, but also the person responsible for Shoudexia size of the transaction. Shoudexia people out of the question they can not avoid. So nice gingerly. Annual income of about 10 million.
Lobby manager, temporary, probationary employees: are generally not as formal establishment of the bank, but I heard it a few years began to turn a long-term contract workers. The lowest income people, about a month 1,2 one thousand dollars, including drivers, clerks and the like.
Bank Primary: The most important job is to complete a variety of targets and tasks. Look how tired you think. The most difficult is the credit officer, ran outside every day, there is no guarantee. But whatever the outcome, stronger than the insurance company’s business, many companies are affixed to the door “to sell insurance do not enter,” at least not yet allowed into the bank account manager level.
3, the headquarters of posts: Bank headquarters in many sectors, China is not yet based on the product line to divide the sector, the situation is caused by the classification of a mess. But generally speaking there are a few critical sectors:
Accounting Department: Head Office accounting department is very important, responsible for the whole bank accounting and financial liquidation is also responsible for a number of business development.
Planning and Finance Department: the equivalent of the General Staff, the bank proposed a variety of business metrics, responsible for accounting of costs or profitability of assets and liabilities, financial position but also to manage, prepare to pay more.
Information Technology: A lot of people do not understand the bank’s IT department is doing, that is installed in the computer. In fact, in addition to the grassroots level to help maintain computer staff office computer is outside the headquarters of the general staff and IT software companies no difference, even also work hard. Various banking systems, application development, project development, function modules require IT support. For example, customers to bank deposits, transfers, branch by branch AS400 client to the host, to host the head office, return information, select maturities, managers review key management, encrypted transmission of information, etc., are all IT areas. Currently IBM and other large international IT companies have specialized in charge of financial development IT consulting business, in fact, work. And the current trend is the electronic banking of the business, this work has become increasingly important
Trading Department: responsible for financial transactions, RMB lending, underwriting government bonds, repo, foreign exchange trading, foreign exchange bond trading, derivatives trading, new product development and design. This is the bank’s CPU. Only we know that the current interest rates, exchange price on the market to correctly pricing. This is the place where all product pricing.
Investment banking or asset management: responsible for the fund custodian, bonds and other customers. It is not clear, but mixed after promising.
Risk Control Department: responsible for risk management. For example, approval of large loans, credits and other operations.
Company unit and retail unit: This is based on two types of client departments, is responsible for marketing, a common practice internationally regarded SALES department.
Industry: responsible for interbank transactions.
Offshore unit: offshore customers.
Legal or Compliance Department: responsible for writing the contract, compliance review.
Audit Internal Control Department: Internal Audit Audit
Support: Yes Security Department supervision, administration, human resources and so on.
Many departments, they carry out their duties, division of labor is relatively clear. Head office and primary day course is not the same, in fact, for young people, the headquarters of high starting point, large stage, income is relatively stable. Headquarters Headquarters survival philosophy, we must first make fewer mistakes, so-called “make more mistakes,” do more, but the greater the chance of mistakes. Secondly, it also depends on the leadership and the environment, enlightened leadership, of course, a healthy environment could not be better, nature can flourish, it is not considered a promotion, and he learned a skill.

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