2016 US work visa H1B trend interpretation…

April 1, 2016, the US Immigration Services (USCIS) will begin accepting H1B work visa applications 2016 financial year.
Congress stipulated quota limit H1B visas fiscal year 2017 was 65,000, while 20,000 places for people to get the United States to apply for master’s or higher degree, not included in the annual quota.
That the US Masters or higher degree of talent twice extracted H1B opportunity, but please note in advance to confirm whether they meet the requirements, there are children’s shoes last year because of dissatisfaction with this requirement, even though drawn also made waste. If only ordinary extraction and the success of it?
After the economic crisis, the US employment situation is excellent, so the number of the last two years to apply for H1B visas above the quota. Like 2014 H1B work visa, USCIS received 120,005 one thousand; 2015 H1B application, received one thousand 170 002 500; 2016 H1B application, received 230,003.
In the past 10 years, 7 years in the H-1B quota is 90 days with a chime, where the situation is most severe in 2008, April 1 began accepting filing, only two days more than the number of filing a few places. This year will be a record it?
This year’s situation is equally bleak.
USCIS will monitor the number of applications received and notify the public when the quota is full. If the number received more than five days before the limit immigration through computer balloting method, randomly get H1B quota application materials. The end of April 2016, Immigration Services on the applicant was draw.
Immigration does not allow the same company to submit more than one application for the same H1Bemployee. But the law does not prohibit the applicant to submit a different H1B application by different companies. So there are a lot of companies in India ICC (Indian
Company) left a gray area, colleagues repeatedly apply for H1B trick has been an open secret.
Immigration does not know this year will be any action. Otherwise it will be more places to be “third brother” away. We have no feeling, the company near home, the Indian colleagues, neighbors seem more and more!
But if the beneficiaries will work at institutions of higher education or a related or affiliated non-profit organizations, non-profit research organizations or governmental research institutions, employment of newH1B visa may be excluded from the annual quota.
And art is currently no visa quota, but the application requirements may seem high, it is difficult to want to meet the requirements.
In addition, the return to work is one year, next year to L1 work visas to the United States, or to continue to apply for H1B. If L1 working in the US, but can apply for H1B. But this premise, one needs to be able to entry a branch in China of multinationals; second is L1 in China need to work at least one year, and in theory is to have senior management positions, but it seems that some companies no.
Of course, another way is to find already 140 men / women to marry / married, spouse filed H4 140 can also work it! Of course, this is just a joke.
So, H1B applicant countries which most companies which employ up to H1B employees take H1Bemployees have done anything to go by?

Bloomberg summed up a US holding H1B visa highly skilled employees, let’s look together.

Employees from India to apply for H-1B most, almost as overwhelming trend, China and Canada employee ranks behind.
Indians and some time to find five companies to come forward to do, including some Airbus, will take away more places. There are already laws and regulations apply if the two companies have different tariff lines, but as long as the same address can not be regarded as different companies. If the immigration lottery draw, if found Airbus case, or the right to cancel the work visa issued. But I do not know what will happen this year in efforts to deal with! More news please pay attention to those things Bay Area.
And in recent years is relatively easy approval tech, because the technology is relatively easy to explain the case class, liberal arts and business studies more difficult.

H1B visa holders which companies hire employees, how to pay?

Category in which the applicant company, consulting firms and technology companies among the best in India.
H1B Such tensions in recent years staged almost every year, so that science and technology industry, especially in Silicon Valley startups greatly dissatisfied. H-1B employee is critical to force these companies.
And according to TechCrunch reported that Google rewards, facebook and other high-tech giants in jobs is becoming increasingly high.
Office of Foreign Labor Certification (Office of
LaborCertification, OFLC) record analysis showed that some of the largest technology companies, such as the median wage Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft to H-1B applicants provided well over $ 100,000, and continues to rise .
As of 2015, Facebook has been a above five companies to pay H-1B visa holders highest bidder. Their respective positions H-1B employee’s median salary of $ 135,000.

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