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“I want to go around the world!” Is about 6, Grade 7 student deepest bottom of my heart cry, according to the “Cheers” magazine made “life style of the young generation 2004 survey” found that up to four percent of the respondents said, If you can not travel abroad frequently, life will be frustrated. Up to seventy percent of the respondents believe that if the work is capable of binding to travel, it is the best thing. Work, while traveling around the world is a dream? Without his own pocket, green, green grass of Europe will be able to walk, how wonderful ah! To help people realize their dreams, “Cheers” magazine carefully planned “101 around the world to work,” the topic, tell you how to go around the world by working.
If something is missing in life will make you feel depressed? According to “Cheers” magazine made a “lifestyle of the young generation 2004 survey,” 3,300 respondents in 44% of people said he can not travel abroad often feel frustrated.
How about you? Is not will not to travel abroad frequently frustrated by it? On travel, what you think?
Surveys indicate that 39% of respondents want to work can often go abroad, around the world through the work of more 29% of respondents hope for the best to work only six months, and the remaining six months can travel everywhere.
“Work vs. travel” it, the younger generation has become Taiwan’s most heart desire, but “Work vs. travel” is only desire it? Wrong, just need to find work and methods of work around the world by absolutely possible.
According to the Tourism Bureau statistics, the last year, the number of Taiwan abroad up to 592 million people, compared to 10 years ago, 465 million people, or more than 127 million people. If you look at the proportion, 15% of all the people who have to travel abroad last year.
Analysis of the main purpose of people traveling abroad, sightseeing, recreation, vacation 49%, the highest proportion. Business travelers but also holds 31%, in second place.
Looking at the situation abroad, the United States Foreign Trade Commission (National foreign trade council, NFTC) every year for the territory expatriate manpower multinationals in human application trends survey, the 2004 survey found that companies in the overseas long-term business, 65% of the company will be used to send short-term, 49% will use a business trip. The data are proved by the work of a lot of people around the world. But exactly what kind of work can make people work around the world? You’re working for the world around you?
Around the world of work 5 reasons
Work around the world, in addition to their travel expenses do not have a substantive benefit, exactly what advantage there? According to the world’s leading online job site Monster.com noted that the working people to work abroad there are five major reasons.
1. Wonderful encounters
When you spend time with the locals abroad, you may find from them to many interesting stories.
2. International Perspective
To work abroad, it may make you more aware of their advantages. But also in a better understanding of foreign cultures, the field of vision will be more open.
3. Career Development
International enterprises, employees with international experience is very important, international experience can help the career development staff.
4. Self-enhanced understanding
To work abroad to give up everything you know it, you have to be more understanding, in order to successfully complete the work.
5. Enhance foreign language skills
To work abroad along with foreign customers, will enhance your foreign language skills.

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